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How To Accurately Track Your Daily Food Intake

Food logs or journals are a great way of checking in with yourself on what you are eating day-to-day. It's not intended as a way to catch you out, but a way to get a clear idea on where you might start when looking at improving your diet.

To start out, choose a minimum of 3 days to log (this will include 2 weekdays and 1 weekend day). If you can track more, 7 days is optimal, as it will give you the clearest picture and accurate representation of your week on a plate. Using a nutrition-tracking app is a great way to track your daily intake and can yield useful data that is easy to analyse. 

First thing’s first: it's important to be able to estimate your serving sizes so that when you look up foods on your apps, you can accurately estimate quantity. Again, weighing your food for a short period will yield more accurate information. A few food tracker apps I recommend are: 

  • Easy Diet Diary
  • My Fitness Pal

When setting up an app, it will ask for your height, weight, age and goals. This information may be used to estimate a daily energy intake, as well as a recommended deficit or surplus of energy to meet your physique goals.